Our Executive Protection

Protection Portfolio Assessment

  • High-level travel security
    SASS9 has the ability to provide a staff of high-level travel security personnel, and other resources wherever you may travel.
  • Sophisticated Providers
    As business and life become more global and transparent security profiles now call for more sophisticated providers with global fluency as well as knowledge and assets in key locations.

Executive Protection Portfolio Development

  • Protection must balance the business realities
    Assurance must adjust the business substances and individual inclinations with the substances of security.
  • Close Personal Protection
    Executive protection (E) also known as close personal protection is an area of domain expertise of SASS-9. This refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPS or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth associations or geographical location
  • Private security industry
    Executive protection is most highly specialized field within the private security industry.
  • Elite executive protection
    Elite executive protection professionals of SASS-9 will have specialized training in executive protection, VIP driving , offensive and defensive driving , first Aid and marksmanship.
  • Executive protection for immediate and/or extended family members
    Executive protection may also provide security for immediate and/or extended family members to prevent kidnapping and extortion.

Specialized Unit deployment

  • Developing, Assisting and Logistics
    Developing, assisting and overseeing logistics related to major events or issues
  • Reviewing of the clients overall security portfolio
    Reviewing of the clients overall security portfolio with recommendations and emphasis on personal and company travel, technical security assessment, intelligence, background updates, cyber intelligence, and emergency preparedness.